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Remove those annoying and embarrassing;
Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Blood Spots, Milia, Facial Veins and Unwanted Hair


Karen is an advanced trained Electrologist and has obtained the advanced diploma in electrical epilation.
Advanced electrolysis is the safest and most effective way of treating superficial blood conditions and surface skin lesions.


Removing Moles
Removing a mole by advanced electrolysis is a painless procedure and takes between 10 and 20 minutes. There will be no scar.

Moles can be embarrassing, a nuisance when applying make up, shaving and even catch on clothing and jewellery.

Hairy moles will require repeat treatments to permanently stop the re growth from the hair follicle.




Removing Warts and Verrucas
Warts are benign cutaneous tumours that are viral and contagious. They commonly appear on the feet, hands and lower arms. We offer various treatments however, treatment by advanced electrolysis is the most effective.



Treating Red Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan Spots)
Red blood spots are commonly found on the trunk or torso, front and back. As they are pockets of blood in the surface of the skin, they are ideally treated with advanced electrolysis.



Removing Skin Tags (Penduculated Papillomas)
Skin tags are made up of loose fibrous tissue and hang from the surface of the skin. Skin tags vary in size and shape from a grain of rice to a pea.

They are commonly found on areas of friction such as the neck, under arms, top of the thighs and bra line.

Skin tags can be removed very quickly by advanced electrolysis therefore multiple tags can be treated in one session.


Treating facial thread veins (Telangiectasia)
This superficial blood condition appears as visible small thin veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. They occur on the face and body and can build up over many years or appear due to sudden damage.

Treatment by advanced electrolysis instantly coagulates or mops up the trapped blood as the heat works though the vein. The vein is cauterised at both ends preventing it refilling, making this treatment highly successful. There will be no scar or bruising like with some treatments.

Spider Naevus
Spider Naevus are superficial dilated blood vessels under the skin commonly found in clusters on the cheeks and chest. Several small blood capillaries come from the body of the Naevus like spiders legs hence the name. Direct heat from advanced electrolysis will coagulate the trapped blood instantly and it will fade away.

Red Veins
Red veins are normal blood capillaries that have swelled with blood and become more visible. They are commonly found around the nose and on the legs. Nose and facial veins are best treated with advanced electrolysis and leg veins are more suitably treated with Sclerotherapy.



Removing Milia
Milia are raised hard white spots under the surface of the skin and are mainly found on the face.

They can not be removed by normal methods of extraction. Removing them with a milia needle leaves the skin damaged, torn, bleeding and open for infection to develop.

Removing milia by electrolysis will cauterise the area preventing bleeding and leaves a tidy wound for scar free healing.

Following extraction of the milia, treat the whole area with a medical grade chemical skin peel and long term use of a prescription skin care regime can prevent recurrence.





Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently ?
Never have to shave, wax or pluck again ?

Electrolysis is still considered to be the best, most effective, safest and proven method of permanent hair removal. It can be used on all areas of the face and body and on any skin type. Electrolysis destroys the root of the hair in the lowest part of the hair follicle. With a course of regular treatments, the hair re-growth will stop leaving you with smooth hair free skin.

Most commonly treated areas are;
Top lip, chin, eyebrows, neck, legs, under arms, bikini line, abdomen and chest.

You can opt for a local anaesthetic to the treatment area which will ensure a completely comfortable procedure. 


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