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Improve you complexion with a medical grade chemical skin peel.

Soften your skin, close pores, mop up free radicals and skin bugs, this peel is ideal for men who work in dusty environments as it deeply cleanses dirty pores. Your skin will look fresh with a healthy glow.

Soften wrinkles with Botox® and Dermal Fillers.

● Derrmal fillers can lift deep tear troughs that give the tired all the time look.
● Redefine jaw line and chin
● Lift the chin crease that get deeper with age and can be a nuisance when shaving.
● Botox® can soften wrinkles for that younger, softer and more approachable look

Removal of moles and skin lesions.

● Removing a mole or skin lesion will greatly reduce the risk of skin cancer
● Make shaving easier
● Remove moles and skin tags from your body so you can take off your shirt with confidence in the summer


Full face


Horizontal Forehead lines

Red Veins


Comprehensive Medical Health Checks For Men

We offer an extensive range of accurate and reliable tests designed specially for men. to identify health risks, developing medical conditions and diseases. >Click for more information<


Skin tags



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