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Microsclerotherapy and Varicose Vein Treatments

Karen Johnson and Professor Paul Edwards are experienced vascular specialists and offer a range of safe, highly successful and very affordable treatment solutions for those who have unsightly and troublesome leg, body and facial veins.


Karen Johnson

Not many Sclerotherapists treat the underlying cause but Karen does. We know that thread veins on the surface are caused by deeper reticular or feeder veins that you can not see. Using a powerful vein light scan Karen can precisely treat various sizes of these troublesome deeper veins. It is routine at North Wales Aesthetics to treat the deeper veins prior to injecting the surface veins. This ensures a more comprehensive treatment with a goal to a permanent outcome.

Thread Vein Video

Thread Vein Video


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Professor Paul Edwards

Varicose Veins are treated by our consultant vascular surgeon Professor Edwards. Perfroming four different treatment methods using the latest safe and proven techniques and technology all treatments are minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthetic. Within 2 hours your treatment will be completed and you can walk out and resume most normal daily activities.

Leg Vein Video

Varicose Vein Video



Visible clusters of red, purple and blue veins on the legs are unsightly and troublesome for millions of women and men. Symptoms can include aching, burning, throbbing and night cramp. Many people restrict their wardrobe to trousers, and wearing skirts and shorts is a thing of the past.

A series of sclerotherapy treatments 4-12 weeks apart over a period of 6-12 months will improving the appearance of the legs considerably and in some cases completely. After assessing your legs Karen will honestly advice you on what improvement outcome to expect.

Spider veins and thread veins are dilated blood vessels that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. A tiny micro needle introduces a solution into the vein that causes it to collapse and fade away. As these small veins are not essential to the deep venous system, Sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment.

It is not possible to achieve 100% clearance of the veins in one treatment session. In most cases you will see up to 60% improvement after the first session and up to 80% improvement after 2 or more sessions.

Karen uses a powerful vein light to scan the deeper veins during the treatment procedure which identifies the deep veins that are causing the problem bringing a higher success rate.






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