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The right daily skin care regime is essential for attractive, unblemished, radiant and healthy looking skin. I have carefully chosen a range of medical grade skin care products that I regularly prescribe for my patients who have a wide variety of skin types and problems. These products have been proven to be reliable whatever the skin type and are recognised and used by medical professionals and dermatologists worldwide. A skin care routine that suits the needs of your skin will be highly effective with rapid results. If your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, blotchy or have spots, then you are not using the right skin care products. Most people are using products that damage the skin and have no visible effect. Sun, smoke or environment damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, blotchy skin, deep lines and wrinkles, sun spots, open pores, red veins, rough skin, loss of elasticity and firmness, dull and tired looking skin requires advanced prevention, protection and correction. Some people need a combination of daily skin care products, Botox, dermal fillers and medical grade chemical skin peels and can achieve amazing results.
Firstly you must identify what skin type you have then carefully choose the skin care products that best suit you. If you are in doubt about your skin type, call North Wales Aesthetics for advice and Karen will design a skin care regime that is tailored to your individual needs.

Karen Johnson,
Aesthetic Consultant


These moisturisers have multiple ingredients that nourish, protect, hydrate and restore elasticity of the skin. Apply morning and night.

There is a wide range of Skin Tech skin care products, please contact North Wales Aesthetics for advice.
  • Skin Tech vitamin E antioxidant cream £31.00
    For dry and sensitive skin. Long lasting moisturising and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Skin Tech DHEA-Phyo £35.00
    Essential for mature skins as DHEA enhances skin elasticity. An antioxidant moisturiser that leaves a film on the skin to protect against environmental damage. Use in the mornings and ideal for under make up.
  • Skin Tech Re-nutriv ace lipolic complex  £35.00
    Ideal for all ages especially mature skins. A super antioxidant cream with vitamin A, C, E and lipolic acid. Repairs damage from smoking and the sun. Use in the  morning and evening.
  • Actilift £42.00
    Clinically proven to help the skin to gain firmness and
    elasticity giving the skin a  tightening effect, minimising
    the signs of ageing. Apply before moisturising.


Rosacea or facial flushing

Do you have facial redness ? would like to reduce the appearance and have a more normal complexion ?

Rosacea or facial flushing is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that affects the central face - cheeks, nose and forehead. North Wales Aesthetics has excellent results with a prescription cream that reduces facial redness within 30 minutes and lasts for up to 12 hours. It works by constricting the blood vessels reducing the blood flow that is causing the red appearance.

Facial redness can be an embarrassing condition, very stressful and cause low self esteem. There is a solution.


If you would like to have advice on an individual skin care regime
book an appointment for a free consultation.
Alternatively send an email to karen.nutrition@btinternet.com
or call 0800 028 4744 for a telephone consultation.

To place an order ring 0800 028 4744.
P&P £2.50


Specialist kits by NeoStrata

The acne package (3 months supply) £92.00
The acne kit contains clarifying cleanser, clear skin solution, spot treatment and an oil free lotion. These products will deeply cleanse and unblock pores killing bacteria  that cause inflammation and spot formation and control excess production of oil. Results are rapid and most people notice a difference within a week. To successfully manage acne you must follow the regime strictly and in some cases in conjunction with other professional treatments such as antibiotics and peels.

The oily skin package (3 months supply) £92.00
The oily skin package contains clarifying facial cleanser, oily skin solution, oil free lotion with SPF15 and oil control gel. Unsightly oily patches and an oily T-zone clogs pores and is a breading ground for bacteria growth. You can successfully control excess oil production when you follow this regime. Results can be seen within a week.

There are other kits available, please call North Wales Aesthetics for advice.



Sun Defence (All these creams provide UVA/UVB protection)

  • Heliocare SPF 50 £21.00 (SPF 50)
    For normal or dry skin. Provides maximum protection for after a peel, those who work outdoors, while on holiday or during long periods in the sun.
  • Heliocare SPF 50 gel £21.00 (SPF 50)
    For greasy or acne skin.


Cleansing the skin morning and night is an essential part of your daily beauty regime.

These cleansers have active ingredients to balance the skin PH, deeply cleanse the pores to remove skin bacteria, impurities and oils, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Neostrata facial cleanser £22.00 
Suitable for all skin types  
  Neostrata clarifying cleanser £35.00
For acne and extremely oily skin     


Example of a good skin care regime:
Are you 35-45 have loss of skin elasticity and firmness, have fine and some deep lines and wrinkles, showing signs of sun damage with abnormal pigmentation, have visibly open pores ?
With the right regime you can  improve your skin considerably. Your skin regime needs to soften, hydrate, repair, nourish, protect and tighten.
Here are my skin care recommendations;

In the morning cleanse the skin with facial cleanser, then apply Actilift, 10 minutes later apply DHEA-Phyto or Vitamin E cream, 10 minutes later apply a skin ceuticals or Heliocare sun block. In the evening cleanse the skin, then apply Actilift, ten minutes later apply re-Nutriv ace lipolic complex or vitamin E cream.

You may want to consider having a medium TCA peel to remove old skin and regenerate new skin, remedy sun damage, hyperpigmentation and open pores. Following a medium peel, have a light peel monthly to maintain the results. Botox will soften wrinkles and dermal fillers will add volume to sagging skin and deep lines and folds.

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This lady has been treated with a medium TCA chemical peel and dermal filler to make her lips fuller, smooth nasolabial lines and lift the corners of the mouth.
With the correct skin care regime she can maintain these results.





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